Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit

What We Provide…

The purpose of the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit is to provide timely and sensitive urgent assessment for the woman experiencing worrisome first trimester pregnancy complications. Care can be accessed by referral at any time up to and including fourteen weeks gestation.

Our goal is to help the woman who is facing a possible pregnancy complication or loss obtain an answer as quickly as possible without the trauma of repeated and possibly lengthy hospital emergency room visits. As well, we will provide supportive medical and emotional care in any way that she needs, in as timely a manner as possible.

We know that this can be traumatic, and we want to make the assessment, diagnosis and treatment process as smooth as possible.

Did You Know… Approximately 50% of all pregnant women experience some bleeding during the first weeks of pregnancy. While first trimester bleeding is common, and does not necessarily indicate a pregnancy loss, it can be extremely distressing for the pregnant woman. It is necessary to investigate episodes of first trimester bleeding, not only to confirm the viability of a pregnancy but also to look for other pregnancy complications which may pose a risk to the mother or the baby.

Please Note:

If you are experiencing first trimester bleeding or cramping, you must first notify your primary care physician, maternity doctor, or midwife. They can contact us by phone, and submit a referral. In most cases, you will be able to be seen very quickly.

If you are bleeding very heavily, please indicate this to your doctor or midwife, as it may be more appropriate to send you directly to the Victoria General Hospital.